4 Step Guide How Take Care Of Your Tefillin

4 Step Guide How Take Care Of Your Tefillin
Tefillin are a major purchase. Many G-d fearing Jews spend over $2,000 for a pair of top quality mehudar tefillin. Considering just how sensitive tefillin are to weather, moisture and temperature conditions, it’s wise to learn all one can about protecting tefillin, a vessel through which Hashem enables the wearer and his family to receive His protection.

1. Moisture

the parchment scrolls, natural leather straps and wooden boxes of tefillin are very sensitive to moisture. Wet hair, gel and sweat all negatively impact tefillin. If one did get moisture on their tefillin, wipe the tefillin off and let them air dry off before placing them back into their boxes. If the body produces sweat while wearing tefillin, let them air dry before placing back into their boxes and case. By keeping your tefillin clear of moisture, you can prevent deformation and cracks.

2. Dents and Bangs

While wearing the tefillin be careful not to damage them in any form. Even a small damage to tefillin can render them unkosher, which would then require you to have them repaired or perhaps even replaced. Never drop tefillin, and if you do, consult your local Orthodox Rabbi. The best way to protect your tefillin from dents and bangs to to keep them in their boxes, in a protected tefillin bags.

3. Heat

Don’t expose tefillin to sunlight or a direct heat source. Don’t leave the tefillin in the car, even in a box or Tefillin bag.

4. Temperature changes

While traveling by plane don’t check tefillin in with your luggage. The luggage area undergoes extreme temperature changes which can be damaging to the sensitive components of tefillin.


Make sure that the tefillin straps don’t touch the floor. While putting tefillin back into the boxes, wrap the straps with care and in their proper proportions. Too much tension or bending which can damage the straps overtime. Keep the yadel (removable tefillin cover) at all times on the shel yad (arm tefillin)

Always take care of your tefillin as you want them to pass them onto your children and grandchildren. A high quality well-cared for tefillin can last several lifetimes.